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There is absolutely no reason to watch this Monday Night Football game tonight. Go get some work done. Take that yoga or workout class you’ve been putting off. Do a couple of crossword puzzles or a nice Highlights magazine with a word search or Seek & Find. Don’t you dare turn on ESPN at 8:20pm to watch Booger and Sean McFarland call the game. Don’t watch…

….if you’re a fucking square.

We’re in Week 4 of Football. That means after tonight 25% of the season is gone. You’re never going to get it back. Listen, no one did well this week betting. No one and if you’re reading this saying, I came out in the black, first you’re an asshole and second you most likely are clawing to get out of the red from the first 3 weeks. This week was a blood bath! Underdogs went 9-3 against the spread (ATS), the Rams lost outright, I can’t make sense of the Browns, I still don’t believe Denver is this bad and Minshew is this good. Our pets heads are falling off…

Welcome though to MNF where we load up and we win it all back!

Bengals @ Steelers (-3.5), Total: 45

These two teams came into the season with two very different outlooks and then Ben Roethlisberger hurt his elbow and the season has been in disarray. Both teams are 0-3 and the only reason to watch this game outside of being a Bengals/Steelers fan is to gamble.

Mason Rudolph’s stat line:


Andy Dalton’s stat line:


I’m not even going to lie to you. I don’t know where I’m going with this game. I’ve flip flopped nine times since I got into work this morning. But it is my duty to pick a game for the millions…


..of Branded Sports readers. So in that case let’s go with the trend and be the contrarian. It paid off this week and the public is all over the Steelers. So with the 4th pick in the NFL Gambling Draft, Kyle selects…

Bengals +3.5


P.S. This blog basically was told in meme’s and gif’s…apologies you had to read a Buzzfeed article, won’t happen again.

*Disclaimer: Due to the shitty nature of the game, I cannot be held liable for your decision to tail me. Unless I win…then tell your friends I’m like Rain Man accept all my chromosomes work & to follow me @BrandedKyle 

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