The Angry Bagel Guy Bailed on His Big Fight Against Screech


In a move that will shock absolutely no one, the Angry Bagel Guy flaked on the big fight against Screech from Saved By The Bell.

Chris Morgan, otherwise known as “Angry Bagel Guy” posted this video the night he was supposed to get his ass kicked in this “celebrity’ boxing match.


In the video, Morgan states he “fooled you all” as he sits in his car. The most shocking part of this video is that he is able to drive at his height.

Angry Bagel Boy had a follow –up post later in the night after he was called out for bailing on the fight. He defended himself by stating that he had agreed to fight Lenny Dykstra, not Screech, who is much younger than he is. Dykstra had pulled out of the fight a few weeks back at the advice of his lawyer.

This is the least surprising thing that has ever happened in the social media age. Hopefully we can put this bagel guy charade in the rear view mirror. I liked it a lot better when the internet made people go viral for swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon and not being a short prick who yells at women.


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