So You’re Telling Me Playing the Three Worst Teams in the NFL Isn’t A Proper Litmus Test For Your Season?

Oh boy the Cowboys are in a world of trouble! All we’ve heard is that shit talking about the Cowboys winning the division handedly. Pay Dak, pay Amari, pay Zeke. Please, Jerry Jones, PLEASE pay Dak Prescott all of that oil tycoon and glory hole money you have. I want this guy on the field for the silver and blue for 10 more years!

You’re telling me playing teams who were a combined 1-8 heading into Week 4 doesn’t guarantee you a division title? Give it to me Denny!(RIP)

The Cowboys are who we thought they were. Which sucks because I was so excited for Dak to get $30+ million and Amari Cooper to get $15+ and then they have 30% of the cap locked up on 2 fringe Pro Bowl players and a RB in a position that doesn’t play past 30.

Did you see Dak throw it behind Randall Cobb on 3rd & 2 in the 4th? Forcing everything to Amari Cooper as Marshon Lattimore is all over him.

The Cowboys have the Packers this week and the Jets the following, but then they meet on 10/20 for Sunday Night Football, the same channel where the they just puked all over there shoes to play the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams should be 4-2 by then and the Eagles will go into Fort Worth and beat an overrated Cowboys team.

Man, there is nothing better then your team winning on an exciting Thursday Night and coasting into Sunday only for your hated rival to embarrass themselves on national television in front of millions!

10 points! 10 points is all they could muster! To bad Jerry couldn’t cap off a fun weekend on Bourbon Street with a win.

It’s Monday though and Cowboys fans in Philly who’ve never stepped foot in Texas are probably really hungover at work and disappointed so I’ll say something nice.

The Defense did a good job of continuously keeping Dak and the offense in the game.

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