Embiid’s New 2019 Season Look Is Breathtaking

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Defenses are going to stop in their tracks with the breathtaking hairstyle Joel Embiid is “Don”ning this 2019 season. With stylish fall fashion looks, this one screams, “I’ll get you in a title fight live in Las Vegas, but I’ll have it in your contract that I reap 75% of the purse”.

Introducing the Don King “Only In America” flow:

If that’s not your style Embiid is a resourceful character who has a vast amount of hairstyles in the bag. Do you like more of a ceiling fan look? Or maybe Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold? Well Joel has the look for you to scream, “Yassss Queeeeeen” from Section 109 at the Wells Fargo Center.

Sheesh! Guy loses 20 lbs and he’s absolutely FEELING himself. I mean that hair screams 25 & 14 with 1.8 bpg. I’m just trying to watch some Monday Night Football on a slow night and I’m out hear fanning myself because it’s hotter than Pompeii in early 7th century AD.

I’m telling you if Ben Simmons grows out “The Rachel” or Gerald’s hair from “Hey, Arnold” you better hand over the Larry O’Brien right now.

Brett Brown might even do a Flock ‘O Seagulls look like he’s an emo Fall Out Boy fan.

The Flock ‘O Sixers shirts are going to be flying off the shelves!

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