Belly Button Man On The News Getting Filled With OJ


Insane title for a Monday morning. Especially when you remember that the birds didn’t even play yesterday. Belly Button Man is Friday’s news and he’s still slapping 3 days later. Now obviously no one in their right mind is taking a body shot off of this pile of mistakes. But let’s say you were going to rip some oj out of this guy’s bottomless pit. What would it take? $1 million? The keys to a 2019 Porsche? Immortality and the ability to read minds?

Can’t be something like season tickets can it? But that would be a great campaign for the team to run. Every year instead of making the season ticket holders pay for renewals. They have to come down to the Linc and go mouth to mouth with the Phillie Phantic that’s permanently tattooed on his gut. Let’s see who the real Philly fans are.

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