Known Bad Guy Vontaze Burfict Does Exactly What We Expect Him To Do

We all know the NFL doesn’t care about player safety but the facade they put up is sort of commendable. They pretend to care just enough to be able to say they are trying as long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line. You can’t pretend to care and let this guy continue to play and I’m not some soft football is too dangerous type of guy, it probably is too dangerous though, I like big hits I love the intensity. Burfict is actually just a bad guy who has been actively headhunting for years with nothing meaningful being done about it. The NFL can change as many rules as they want but the fact is regardless of the rules this dudes gonna try and give you brain damage. He needs to go.

Can’t wait see Schefter tweet be got fined $50k later this week, that’ll teach him.


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