I’m Disgusted by Tom Brady

Eddie 2

This is probably the worst I have seen Tom play since he got benched in Kansas City and Trent Dilfer called him a bum. Brady only threw for 150 yards, threw a pick, had no touchdowns and his completion percent was only 46%. The stats make it sound better as impossible as that sounds, he looked absolutely terrible. We are so lucky that we have the best defense in the league and forced 39 turnovers today otherwise Buffalo wins this game in a rout.

Only person who played worse then Tom today was Gostowski. That dude fucking sucks and I genuinely hope Bill is looking for his replacement as I type this. 4 straight games with a missed extra point you have to be fucking kidding me.

No shot that was a touchdown for the Bills, no one will ever convince me otherwise.

I won’t complain about the refs but Jesus they were awful both ways the entire game.

The announcers for this game was a joke. That Fouts guy needs to be put into an old timey pirate cannon AND SHOT TO THE FUCKING SUN!!!

Unbelievably bad game.

This is what happens when you think this is a random game in September but the other team is from Buffalo and they took a break from huffing paint this week because they know that they’re losers so a chance to beat the Patriots is the only satisfaction they’ll get in their underwhelming lives.

Yes I had the Pats -7 why do you ask?


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September 29, 2019 5:31 pm

1-Gostowski has a new holder, he’ll be fine once the holder gets his act together. 2-Brady missed some practice this week with a calf injury, affecting the amount of time he had to work with his receivers – this happens when the 1st string offense plays very little in pre-season. 3-Edelman played through a hand injury. 4-Buffalo’s O & D lines played very well today, one reason why the running game didn’t work. 5-The lack of a running threat adversely effects all of the play action offense.

September 30, 2019 8:11 am

Just…STFU! Please do us all a favor and shut it. Josh G has a a hand injury, Edelman has a chest injury, Brady has a calf injury, David Andrews our best center is out for the season with blood clots in his lungs, James Devlin is also out injured, Sonny Michel is also not a 💯. Considering all that, and adding that Buffalo has a very good defense, I take the W however ugly it might be. Last year we lost 4 of the first games in the season, we missed first seed and had to play the Chiefs in… Read more »

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