What’s Up with Nolan Patrick?

I am starting to worry that Nolan Patrick may not be the 2nd overall pick we hoped he would be. Since being drafted in 2017 2nd overall he has put up 61 points in 145 games. That’s not horrible for a 21 year old. But, the guy taken two sports after him has put up 5 more points then Nolan in one less season, on a worse team.

We were all hoping that with the addition of the possibly over paid Kevin Hayes that Nolan could solidify and grow as a third line center. But, he has been recently diagnosed with a migraine disorder and has been held out of the preseason while he recovers from an head “injury”. He is now considered week to week. Good news is he is still practicing, skating, and looking good.

My biggest fear and hope is that Frost gets over this bug of his and slides into the 3rd line center and goes absolutely and overthrows the possibly over paid Kevin Hayes. But, then where does the kid we used a 2nd overall pick on go? Hopefully the AHL, get some #1 center time, and come back with a chip on his shoulder.

Whatever happens to Nolan, I for one welcome our new French Canadian Overlords, and feel they will know how to get his wheels going.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Photo- Bardown.com

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