I’m Worried About the Flyers

Intern Mitch

Its’s been a pretty brutal preseason here, with the Flyers going 1-4 going into tonight’s game. I know that preseason is just a time for the coaches and management to see what ingredients they got to make a Stanley Cup caliber team. Thus far it has not been good. Players like Giroux and Ghost appear to be ready to go. While players like JVR and Voracek are looking slow, and they are looking at a long flight to Europe this weekend. The main bulls look slow, and there is plenty of young talent looking to take those spots.

On the bright side, Connor Bunnaman (2016 109th overall), Carsen Twarynski (2016 82nd overall), Morgan Frost (2017 27th overall), and Joel Farabee ( 2018 14th overall) are all sticking around camp as we wrap up the preseason last night . The Flyers have been drafting great ever since the 2011 draft where the took are beloved Coots 8th overall. My hope is we see a top line in Lausanne, Switzerland of G, Coots, and Farabee. The best thing possible would be Morgan Frost centering the 3rd line, and Carsen or Connor take a spot on the bottom line.

I am hoping the Flyers can make it into the second round of the playoffs this year, but it is unlikely while they do not have a solid backup goaltender, and the core players look this slow this early. I would love if the Flyers had another top ten pick this upcoming draft but there is no reason why the Flyers aren’t competing for a Stanley Cup and two seasons removed from a 48 point season the Colorado Avalanche are.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Photo- Bleacher Report

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