Citizen’s Guide To The Supernormal Episode 20

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Local Legends and a Disappointing Pot

Well, here we are, Episode 20! Sorry it’s a little late but while editing, I deleted everything because I am a dumb stupid poopy head according to sources close to the matter. Anyway, we’ve come a long way (name of my sex tape, naturally). I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for listening and supporting our show. We are hitting our stride and we have made a lot of new friends. We can’t wait for the next few episodes coming out but in the meantime, we thought we drop an episode with a couple of different stories that weren’t quite heavy enough for their own show. Think of them as a little legends that could… but didn’t. Please drop us a review on iTunes, donate to our equipment and travel fund, or just tell someone that we exist. We are an independent show and we plan to keep it that way. Thank you for listening and thank you for reading.






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