Aaron Rodgers is not only bad but he’s overrated

Watching that game last night was worse than my bookie taking a bat to my knee, which he might do because of last night. I’ll be fair to Rodgers before I cook his shit, Jimmy Graham is absolute dogshit. No wonder New Orleans wouldn’t pay this fucking guy.


I hate to sound like Kellerman or Skip but Rodgers is over the hill. He used to be an above average QB now he’s just average. It was always the dumbest shit to hear ESPN put Rodgers and Brady’s name and that’s not because I’m a Patriots fan it is because I have eyes. Rodgers isn’t even the best Packers QB and Favre is one of the most overrated players of all time. Common misconception that I want to clarify, calling someone overrated does not mean I’m calling them bad I’m just saying they’re not as good in reality as sportscenter wants us to believe.

Did I bet Packers -3.5 and then when they were down with 5 minutes left in the game I bet them live at +400? Yeah, of course. Did my gut tell me to take the Eagles? You know it. Am I overreacting? Perhaps but Rodgers is bad and I will not waver on that.


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