Kayla Harper Responds To The Washington Nationals Fans


Get eeeemmmmm. Been saying for a log time, Washington Nationals fans are some of the worst fans in the world. You want to talk about entitled. The organization hasn’t even sniffed an October classic and they act like the bees knees. Wake up losers, the Marlins are a much more storied franchise than you president racing nobodies. Seriously, who’s the greatest National of all time? Ryan Zimmerman, get the fuck out of my face with that shit.

Phillies and Bryce are living rent free in Washington fan’s heads right now it’s adorable. The Nats are going to get absolutely steam rolled in the playoffs because they’ll be too busy focusing on Philadelphia. And I am going to be a nightmare for all of DC when it happens.

Bryce is the hot girl that realized she’s super attractive and dumps her high school boyfriend. Yeah he might get a rebound chick right away but she’s going to be banging the coolest dude on campus in no time. Enjoy your little moment.

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