Fixing ESPNs 2019 World Power Rankings

Click here for ESPNs list.

As we all know I have an incredibly high IQ and ESPN is always incorrect so I figured I should redo their list. I am writing this without seeing the full list yet so it is kind of a live tweet in blog form type of shit. First thing they did it wrong, you never put #1 first you ALWAYS do lists like these in descending order. Like this is a diabolical way to do a list what the fuck. If you’re looking for an in depth review of all the teams you came to the wrong place, I’m reordering the list in the correct order. Also, they did top 24 in order I am going to do the top 10.

10. Cloud 9

I actually agree with ESPN here, personally I think last years C9 run was mostly luck and Jensen popping off. All I want is to put Clutch in front of C9 because Huni and Cody Sun are some of my favorite players in the LCS and Damonte is growing on me but I’ll try and be realistic and unbiased. (Honestly Clutch is probably too high at 12.)

C9 is a good team don’t get me wrong but they’re worse without Jensen. Sneaky had a bad season but this team is full of experienced vets and almost the whole team was on the worlds run last year.

9. Fnatic

If you’re an EU fanboy you might want to log off now. I am NOT buying in Fnatic this year, don’t get me wrong they’re good and are deserving of a top 10 spot on the list but they are NOT top 5. Not having Caps this year is a disaster for them. They are without a doubt second best EU team but they are far closer to C9 than TL or IG.

Fnatic is surviving off of their performance last year but what no one is putting together is they don’t have that run without Caps. End of story.

8. Damwon Gaming

I have Damwon where ESPN has them but I have IG in front of them. Reading ESPNs description of them I really couldn’t have said it better myself. The description is exactly how I feel, this team has a high ass ceiling and looks like they could be this years IG. Shout out to “Erzberger” for the bio, I think thats FionnOnFire on Twitter so check him out.

7. Invictus Gaming

The reigning champs and such an entertaining team to watch. Rookie and TheShy are some of my favorite players to watch and admittedly I didn’t see much of IG this last split but I have been keeping up with them. This isn’t the same roster as last years team and the field did get significantly better, its not like IG was a favorite last year and they ended up winning the whole thing. Don’t count them out but TL is ready to beat that ass again like they did at MSI. They also just fired their coach today so we’ll see how that goes.

6. Team Liquid

Personally my favorite team and Jensen is my favorite player (before he signed with TL) so maybe I’m wrong but I think TL is North Americas best hope. I know saying that is a meme and it didn’t work out last year but Doublelift is getting out of groups this year and no one can convince me otherwise.

The boys already know they are running through these bums.

5. FunPlus Phoenix

I am not going to lie I don’t know a ton about these guys but ESPN has them at 3 so I am putting them at 5 just to disagree. They’re obviously good and from what I’ve seen I am excited to see them play on the world stage. Thats all I got to be honest, shut up Reddit.

4. Griffin

Tarzan might be the best player out right now don’t @ me. Faker is the GOAT but he isn’t at his peak anymore, he is still a monster but Tarzan is the king of League of Legends. Griffin on paper is a powerhouse but they can NOT for the life of them win a best of 5. I have gigantic expectations for them at worlds this year.

3. Royal Never Give Up

Let Uzi carry you.

2. SKT Telecom T1

SKT is a dynasty. SKT is my favorite to win the whole thing and put Faker that much farther ahead in the GOAT conversation. You don’t understand how hard it was for me not to put G2 here. I just hate those guys so fucking much.

Honestly I had a bunch to say about SKT and I was gonna stroke off Faker some more but I mentioned G2 and just got angry so lets get this over with.

1. G2 Esports

Caps that rat faced piece of shit, Perkz might be the ugliest human on the planet, Jankos legitimately looks like a toenail, Wunder is 1 billion feet tall and mikyx.. I mean mikyx is kinda cool. These cocky European losers are the absolute worst. I say all of this knowing damn well this is the exact team I would root for if they were from NA.

They are so cocky so arrogant and just so good. If there are any Branded fans reading this still G2 is basically the Warriors from the last couple of years. They are without a doubt the most talented team in the world but I have dove right into the NA vs EU war and I’ll burn your trash continent to the ground. God I wish G2 were from literally anywhere but Europe so I could root for them. These assholes will lose a game and in the next pick/ban phase will be smiling and laughing with each other, I love how arrogant they are. Also GrabbZ looks stupid.


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