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Sit down. Already sitting? Stay down. Good boy.

Here’s a treat for you.

We’re hammering the Philadelphia Eagles Moneyline tonight at +165. Yes, I said we’re. You. I. Grandmom. We’re going to bankrupt Vegas together with how good I feel about tonight. You think I’m crazy, don’t you? Crazy like a Fox!

Here’s why:

The Eagles are going into Thursday Night Football on a short week after losing back to back games while simultaneously showing they have more holes in them than 50 Cent. That’s exactly why I love this team tonight. They are 1-3, undervalued, and their only getting 4 points against a 3-0 Packers team with a top-10 defense.

No one loves to jump to conclusions faster than NFL fans. The public, the insiders, Vegas are writing the Eagles off as a team that was a Super Bowl favorite to now a team that will be lucky if they make Wild Card Saturday. The Birds Super Bowl odds jumped up from 13-1 to 20-1. But this all doesn’t matter because we’re focused on tonight.

Last Wednesday the Eagles couldn’t even field a team to practice and instead had a walkthrough to deal with the massive amount of injuries. They then went into Sunday and lost to an overrated and under talented Detroit Lions team. There they were lead by their #2 wide receivers and plagued by 8 dropped passes, fumbles, and missed opportunities. There’s a reason why those players on Sunday are second on the depth chart. This week Carson Wentz gets a much needed pair of hands in Alshon Jeffery and Corey Clement and the defense returns Kamu Grugier-Hill at LB.

Do you need more? Here’s more. This team is GOOD! I promise you. They were bit by the injury bug early in the season, they are two dropped passes away from being 3-0, and did you forget this is almost a replica of the Super Bowl 51 champions from two seasons ago.

  • The last three Thursday Night games were all won OUTRIGHT by underdogs – Packers, Bucs, Jaguars
  • The Eagles are avg 23.5 ppg which is top-10 in the NFL
  • The Packers D is overrated as they’ve faced Mitch Trubisky, Kirk Cousins, and Joe Flacco
  • All Carson Wentz haters look away:

Pro Football Focus article. 

  • The last three Thursday Night games have gone UNDER, this one won’t be different.
  • 71% of public money is on the Packers spread. Picking contrarian dogs on TNF have paid out historically. Be the contrarian in your office Friday and let everyone think you can predict the future.
  • The Eagles have the second best rushing D in the league giving up 57 yds a game

You know what Philadelphia does best when it’s back is up against the wall? Fight. Fight is what this team is going to do. Take the Eagles +165 Moneyline! Follow me on Twitter @BrandedKyle to talk during the game, and then thank me in the morning!

P.S. Eagles to win the Division at +150 is mighhhhttty tasty. Better get that before it torpedos after they take it to Aaron Rodgers and the Pack tonight then get back to .500 with 10 days rest to prepare for the Jets.

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