Couple In A Pinch Has LeBron James Save The Day And Pay For Their Gas, Just One Problem

A lot to get into here. The first and most obvious thing that jumps out at me. That’s a dude.


Which is totally fine, nothing wrong with some man on man love. It’s 2019, you do you. But Stretch Armstrong isn’t fooling anyone by slapping some lip gloss on and getting the Jon and Kate Plus 8 haircut. The other thing that you may have also noticed is that this is most definitely not LeBron James. This would be Kendrick Perkins. Another NBA player yes but not one of the most famous basketball players of all time. Classic mix up.

Some might say this is problematic or even racist. I say no way. You can’t expect a guy with only $1.60 in his pocket to afford Comcast cable. I have a full time job (humble brag) and I can barely afford it. No way Tyler spends his free time sitting in front of the tv watching the NBA on TNT. He strikes me as more of a sit by the soft glow of his crack pipe type of guy. Kind of looks like if Gronk picked up a meth habit instead of a football.

Glad these two lover birds were able to get home safely though thanks to Perkins. You know the old saying: Not all heroes wear capes. Some get mistaken for other black guys by trashy white people.

Or something like that.

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