College Bar Hosting A Can’t Miss Theme Night

Emo night with $3 Black Soul Long Islands? (Insert “Shut up and take my money” gif). If you are in the Kutztown area or within a $75 Uber ride you have to go to Emo Night next Monday. I’ve even decided to help Shorty’s out and have prepared them the perfect emo playlist. Obviously very early 2000’s-y but you’ll be able to throw this on, slug some black soul long islands and talk to a girl that hates her dad wear fishnet stockings. A lean night.

  • I’m not Okay: My Chemical Romance
  • MakeDamnSure: Taking Back Sunday
  • Perfect: Simple Plan
  • Misery Business: Paramore
  • I miss you: Blink-182
  • I write sins not tragedies: Panic! at The Disco
  • Scars: Papa Roach
  • Numb: Linkin Park
  • Vindicated: Dashboard Confessional
  • Helena: My Chemical Romance

If those 10 songs don’t get the job done nothing will. So clear your calendars, grab your eye liner and head on over to Shorty’s for the greatest night of your life. Or the worst depending on how you want to look at it.

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