The Magic Are Hinting at a Breakout Season For Markelle Fultz!

A little sneak peak of the new Orlando Magic court has Magic fans (I think those exist) amped up for a potential Markelle Fultz breakout season!



Bold new strategy here by the Magic to remove the hoops in an attempt to make it look like Markelle Fultz deserves to be on an NBA court. You can’t look like a horrible shooter if there are no baskets to shoot at. *GuyPointingAtTheSideOfHisHead.gif*


Seems just like just yesterday, young Markelle was showing up at the Sixers practice facility, bright eyed and bushy tailed with Chick-Fil-A in hand. He was ready to picked first overall and be the final piece to the Process puzzle. But then, like everything Bryan Colangelo touched, he turned gold into garbage.



Markelle Fultz getting me to believe he was a legitimate, NBA ready combo guard was the greatest con ever pulled since a Nigerian Prince needed Michael Scott’s help. 


Now, with Fultz already shipped out of Philly and James fucking Ennis playing his role, it’s the Magic who take on the rehabilitation project. With a new season quickly approaching, the Magic must be getting desperate with this no baskets trick. You would’ve thought that gypsy witchcraft shooting doctor, Drew Hanlen would’ve thought of that little ploy.



Well, it’s not our problem now in Philadelphia. It’s fitting that Orlando is the team trying to right this ship. It’s easy to forget the Magic exist, making it a perfect team for a young player who seems to always want to hide in the shadows. 


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