Penn State Embarrassed Me….Again

College Mike

Nittany Nation is letting me down, If the Sandusky situation wasn’t enough, now I have Donald P. Bellisario Dean of Communication Marie Hardin chirping at Barstool Sports in some half assed NBC article that was written with words I couldn’t pronounce given my lack of education in COM 100. Who’s to blame (besides me and alcohol), the Dean of Communication. She stated, “Barstool Sports promotes sexism and toxic masculinity”. Nailed it with that comment. Barstool has three women with Chief in their titles and numerous Barstool women who repeatedly say they love working there and feel comfortable in the environment.

Dictator Dave “El Pres” Portnoy, a Michigan Man, has challenged Marie to a debate over her comments. If she accepts, he will donate $20,000 to THON. If you’re not familiar with THON, it’s a great cause. I went to 3 during my time in Happy Valley. My frat raised a lot of money and sponsored a THON family. To this day, I still donate to THON.

Champs Downtown is doing their part and hosting Stormy Daniels to bring Dave Portnoy to Penn State for the debate.

If Hardin doesn’t accept the debate, she doesn’t care about the kids. Bad look for a Penn State employee when you have a Michigan Man willing to donate $20k. This would be a bigger black eye than Sandusky and the time Bill O’Brien put names on the jerseys.

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