Court Rules a Hangover is an “illness”

Tell me something I already didn’t know…

What is worse than a hangover? Not much. And as we get older it takes so much longer to get over them. In college you drink every night and my 11AM the next morning you are ready to go. By 28 you have 2 beers Friday night and you are still hungover Monday Morning.

But… If you feel that bad you can’t just call out of work because of a hangover. You have to make up some lame excuse, put on your best Ferris voice and call in saying “I’m sick” because being at work hungover blows worse than the Dolphins on Sundays.

Welp… NO MORE!

NY Times “The court declared that a hangover is an illness, and it is illegal in Germany to claim that foods or supplements can cure human ailments or disease.”

Does that mean what I think it means? Can we all just call into work after a long Football Sunday and say I have the hangover illness see you Tuesday? God damn I love Germany.

NY Times “An illness is defined as “any, even minor or transient, disturbance of the normal nature or normal activity of the body,” the court found. This includes even “an insignificant or temporary disturbance of the normal condition that it can be eliminated or mitigated and which heals.”

In other words, a hangover.”

Sounds about right to me!

I say we all test the limits on this one. Next time you have a case of the Chicago flu, let your employer know you have the Hangover ILLNESS and can’t come in.

Report back and let me know how it goes.


Feature Image – NY Post

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