The Barstool Hit Piece NBC Was Too Scared To Write

That’s right, you read that correctly, I’m writing a hit piece about Barstool Sports. If you know anything about me it’s that I’m a degenerate gambler and also a long time Stoolie. Two things that go together like Bills fans and broken tables. So reading “Barstool Hit Piece” may have come as a shock. But after the recent disappointing attempt from NBC to chop down the might tree that is Barstool, I decided Portnoy, Nardini and Barstool as a whole deserved better. They deserve a hit piece worth reading that will really hit them where it hurts.

Shannon Ho, who’s article was even more boring than her twitter bio, “send me cat memes,” gave a half ass effort. She used two comments, written by Stoolies, not actual Barstool employees, as proof of “direct and deliberate contrast to the ascendance of political correctness.” To label that as “research” is laugh out loud funny. One they don’t represent the company and two, no one hates the Barstool comment section more than the Barstool employees.

So I’m hiking up my big boy pants and taking on Barstool myself with the hit piece that NBC’s Miss Ho was too scared to write. So here we go:

I’m mad online because Barstool Sports is too female driven and diverse. It’s insane. We live in a man’s world and Barstool thinks they can just throw their CEO Erika Nardini, an educated, over qualified and inspiring leader right in our faces? Or how about their CRO Deirdre Lester and CFO Wajeeha Ahmed. You know what they all have in common? I mean besides the fact that they all do an impeccable job in leading a company that has grown in value over 15X since their move to New York? Oh they’re also women.

Just drives me crazy. What am I supposed to tell my daughter when she gets older and asks “Daddy, if Erika Nardini can be a CEO of a media powerhouse, do you think I can?” Of course not Ava, you’re just a woman and I’m tired of Barstool sending the wrong message that woman have a place in sports media. They are setting a poor example for all the young girls out there and I for one will not stand by and watch it continue.

Oh and it doesn’t stop there. Barstool continues pushing their female agenda with the #1 female podcast in the world and they even have Kayce Smith (a FEMALE, ridiculous I know) host their college football show. Ummmmmmmmm last time I checked, football was played by MEN not WOmen, how can they have females commenting on the sport? When is Barstool going to take a note from NBC and add a little male presence in their personalities like this:nbc.PNG

See that’s how you do it Barstool. Look at the list of NBC color commentary College Football personalities, not a single female there. Not. A. Single. One. They pride themselves with guys like Joe Namath, remember that hall of fame quarterback that tried to mouth rape Suzy Kolber on national TV.

There was also this line from NBC’s piece:

“The company appears to be moving away from sports coverage and focusing more on manliness. (See: “Saturdays are for the boys,” a tweet from one of its contributors that went viral and became the company’s catchphrase to describe drunken debauchery.)”

Couldn’t disagree more. Of course if Barstool was smart they would fire all the women and become the world’s most manly site ever but they just refuse. They even have KFC and Feitelberg. Get a load of these two guys. You know what they push?

Beta Boys, what type of sensitive non toxic shit is that? Where are all the alpha males at? KFC radio should be an hour and a half pod about partying with da boys and fucking bitches. Their opening song is from a musical. A MUSICAL!!!!!!! They talk about fashion and shit like that. I bet they even smell decent too those little bitches.

You’re trying to tell me the guy that came up with the “Saturdays are for the boys” tagline isn’t out here posting videos chugging bud heavys everyday and degrading women? Instead he’s posting this

What a pussy, am I right? Rainbow heart cover and a god damn adorable note from mom and dad. This isn’t the Saturday frat boy hero we want. This just seems like a regular decent human being.

I need to wrap this up, I’m getting so angry thinking about all this inclusion and diversity. Just boils my white male blood. Figure if NBC can use random comments to tell the story I can too. Ya know, journalism and stuff

Twitter: @JoePopBrand

Featured Image: Barstool Sports

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