How Is Matthew Berry In A Fantasy Football League With All A List Stars?

How about the Talented Mr. Roto just casually being in a Fantasy Football League with the biggest Superheroes and A List stars in Hollywood at the moment!

You’ve got Captain America, Starlord, Thor, Iron Man, Deadpool, a Fantastic Four member, the guy who played Papa Doc in 8 Mile, Spiderman (current), Apollo Creed’s son, and Matthew Berry.

This Guy!


This just shows you how far Fantasy Football has come. Back in the day fantasy football was played by¬†the nerd at the computer meme and now TMR is rubbing shoulders with a who’s who of A-Listers!

How do you think they do their draft? Do you think they all show up at Iron Man’s place because it’s by far the nicest and have an auction draft? Hemsworth still can’t forgive Reynolds because he out bid him for Patrick Mahomes this year. Or is it an online draft and its just Matthew Berry participating while everyone is on Auto-Draft because they’re out filming the next Avengers movie. Do they actually have disagreements about trades? Could you see Miles Teller in an email chain pissed because Downey Jr. got Lamar Jackson for Alshon Jeffery from Tom Holland. He’s in the email chain telling Downey Jr., “im glad you died in endgame” You know just friends busting each other’s balls.

Actually this league has to be so boring and I can tell that because everyone has the ESPN generated names from when you sign up. There are no classics like “Show Me Your TDs” or even creative one’s like Robert Downey Juul’r or Dust In The Wind.

I don’t know. Sometimes I feel we live in a parallel universe when you realize who actually knows who in some circles.


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