Eagles Fans Are Evolving! Now You’re All In Big Big Trouble


I think this Eagles fan could broker peace talks in the Middle East

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Did you see that? Eagles fans are evolving! While most would look at that this video and comment how vicious this man – who definitely goes by Mikey – was berating the wannabe yacht owner sitting in the 300s. I instead look at this as progress! 10 years ago Mikey would be coming up two rows to bum rush this guy and everyone would be thrown out, ruining the day for plenty of people around them. Nope. Today, Eagles fans are having mature conversations about the laws of football and why the former Treasury Chair of TKE Class of 2009 is wrong and in Mikey’s words should, ‘learn fucking football.’

If the Vet was open and this was in the 700 level there would be way more beer involved and way more tattoos to coincide. It’s crazy a simple Super Bowl Championship can bring out the best in people they didn’t even know they had. Send Mikey over to the Middle East, I’m sure he can negotiate an exit strategy while flashing the Hook ‘Em sign right in the Taliban’s grillmix.

Live look at the national media once we start changing the narrative on Eagles fans.


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