Draymond Green Is Reminding Folks He Never Forgets

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I was fortunate enough to work from home today. A couple of half-assed spreadsheets hear, a couple of half-ass email reply’s there. It’s the mid-afternoon I’m thinking I might cook some pasta for dinner – maybe spice it up with some mild chicken sausage. I don’t know, I don’t know if I’ll have time. Maybe catch up on some ‘Succession’ on HBO.

And here comes Draymond Green lobbing bombs on a casual Tuesday at Kevin Durant’s brother on Instagram with a picture of the Durant clan with a nice newborn baby!

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You think the rivalry between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green is dead and gone because he’s switched teams and conferences? Draymond didn’t hear no bell!

That IG might sound like a peace offering, that there is water under the bridge, but I can read those tea leaves. When KD’s back in 2020 that’s when the real fireworks will begin. Draymond is the greatest shit talker in the NBA! He zipped up the body bag on Paul Pierce’s career!

He singlehandedly ruined the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty when he called KD a bitch in a meaningless November game!

He remembered every player that was picked before him in the 2012 NBA Draft.

This guy takes petty wars and escalates them to petty nuclear war!

P.S. Listening him name the players who were drafted before him like Tyler Zeller, Evan Fournier, Fab Melo (RIP), & Kendall Marshall made me actually laugh out loud.

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