Are we all going to die to the Super Flu?

Currently I am sitting at my barbers waiting to get a haircut just casually scrolling Facebook and I see this. Usually I wouldn’t click the link, partly because anything on Facebook will give you eye cancer but mostly because I don’t care about a flu that could kill 80 million people in two days. Not today, today just happens to be the one time a year I get sick. Now I know I shouldn’t be in public right now feeling the way I do but I really needed a haircut and my appearance matters far more than a strangers health.

To be completely up front and honest I didn’t even read the article I very briefly skimmed it. From what I gathered is this flu, I think I made up super flu, is similar to the Spanish flu from 1918. I just don’t understand how we’re predicting flus like they’re hurricanes. I’m sure the article explains how they know about this but that doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that we’re trying to stop the flu from killing people.

I think it’s about time we’re nature fight back. There’s a few billion people on the planet no shot 80 million would even affect our day to day lives. I mean unless you or your loved ones die but I’m willing to take that risk for all of us. Last time I got sick like this I broke a rib from coughing so bad, dying doesn’t sound so bad when you’re breaking your own ribs.

Worst case scenario you die, stop being a baby about it.


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