Evan Turner Taking A Shot At Philadelphia Fans. Fair Or Foul?


Look I see his point. If you’ve spent the last 3 years playing in a city like Portland you forget what passion really is. Also fun fact about Evan Turner he plays for Atlanta now. Had no idea because his career has been about as relevant as a house phone in the year 2019. I know ET aka The Villain, that’s a real nickname on his basketball reference page, is just going to say this is an example of petty. I disagree. I think petty is taking a shot at a city you haven’t played for in years. How’s the saying go? Winners focus on winning and losers focuses on subtweets about a city they were a total bust for half a decade ago. Or something like that. But I wish ET all the luck this year in Atlanta. Going to be fun watching them dogfight their way to a 6th seed this year.

Miss ya Turner

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