Nick Carter Got A Restraining Order On His Brother Aaron Carter For Threatening To Kill His Pregnant Wife And That’s Not Even The Half Of It


Obviously I am against threatening or talking about killing anyone but what is going on right now between the Carter brothers is soul crushing. Just two talented heartthrobs that share a last name but can’t share the spotlight. They’ve had nearly the same life, except that Nick joined a successful boy band that still pulls in the checks at 40 years old and Aaron is a recovering addict who one time actually beat Shaq.

Last time I remember hearing from Aaron he was on tour with my top 3 boy band O-Town (minus Ashley Parker Angel), Lance Bass and Ryan Cabrera. I can see how that would get to a Backstreet Boy.

On Tuesday Nick Carter posted a notes photo to Twitter announcing he got a restraining order against his brother Aaron for allegedly threatening to kill his pregnant wife.

Now the hashtags are alarming but let’s hear from Aaron who smartly turned to Twitter to give his side of the story. Aaron claims he has been sexually and physically abused by his brother Nick Carter for years, which is a wild allegation that you would think could probably be corroborated if true with how transparent Aaron has been acting online.

It all apparently started when Nick Carter aggressively slammed a pie in 13 year old Aaron Carter’s face at the Kids Choice Awards.

He calls his brother Nick a “serial rapist” and compares him to Jeffrey Epstein. We are getting into Amanda Bynes I want Drake to murder my vagina territory here.

He even leaned on Jenna Jameson for support.

It’s really hard to tell who is the honest one in this situation, because Aaron Carter loves and supports Lizzo so it’s difficult to tell if his tweets are crazy or not. This one seems good.

There’s a whole lot more out there, but in the craziest twist of the whole story, Aaron took to Instagram to share a tone deaf adaptation of Bye Bye Bye while wearing an NSYNC tshirt he bought off Amazon and calling out all Backstreet Boys fans. I think it’s a fair move and time we finally admitted people who like Backstreet Boys over NSYNC are lame. It’s just the truth. Justin Timberlake is 100x the man Nick Carter could ever be. Plus, there was that one time Aaron Carter beat Shaq…


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