Eagles Have To Get Rid Of Mack Hollins After His Recent Comments

Never thought I’d dedicate an entire blog to Mack Hollins but welcome to this bizarre Friday morning. Yesterday I saw a tweet from Les Bowen (gross) that said something along the lines that Mack Hollins would choose special teams over offense. I assumed that this was taken completely out of context because there is no person in their right mind that would rather play special teams over offense. And then I read the full quote:

NJ.Com “I’ll never want to be a guy that gives up special teams because I want to play on offense,” Hollins said on Thursday after practice at NovaCare Complex. “If I can’t play both, my mindset is that I just play teams. But I think I’m capable of playing both, I played both last week and I’m gonna give my all in either one. If I’m going to drop off in one of them, it’ll be offense and I’ll go play special teams harder.”

Well, that just went from bad to worse. I know this won’t be but it should be a fire-able offense. You weren’t drafted in the 4th round to make a tackle once a game. I’ll play special teams harder? What are you even talking about? How can you play special teams harder? All those offensive snaps you’re barely getting as it is are draining your tackling fuel? The average total time a special teams player is on the field during a game is 245 seconds. 4 minutes a game or 64 minutes a season.

Get the fuck outta here with this nonsense. Every Eagles player is injured right now. They had to cancel practice due to the lack bodies. It’s a golden opportunity to get in there and shine but numb nuts over here wants no part of it. Time to go. Stop wasting time and move on. Can’t have guys on the team that are scared to play the position in which he was drafted to play. I’m sure Mack is a swell guy but we’re trying to win another Super Bowl here and this isn’t the attitude to get it done.

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