What’s Next For Tyreek Hill?

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So we’ve all heard about it, but what does Tyreek Hill’s recent collarbone injury mean for his career? The Kansas City Chief’s no. 1 receiver was carried off the pitch by golf carts during the recent Chiefs v Jaguars game after being hit by Jags cornerback Jalen Ramsey near the sideline. Watching someone take a hit like that would be enough to make most grown men wince, and from the tortured expression on Hill’s face as he lay on the ground, the dude was clearly hurt.

Hill suffered a sternoclavicular joint injury. I don’t know what that means either, but it’s serious enough that he had to be taken to a hospital in Jacksonville. Luckily, he didn’t need surgery, but the outlook still isn’t great. This has got to come as a major blow to the wide receiver, especially as he just got a sweet $54 million extension on his contract.

Hill is expected to miss between four to six weeks while he recovers, although nobody is sure if this six-week timeframe is really realistic. Hill’s condition will need to be monitored to see if he can make his comeback that soon. The Chiefs were considering putting Hill on the IR list, meaning he would have needed to spend a minimum of eight weeks out of action. He would have missed some important games, but the Chiefs could probably have managed without him as the coming eight weeks are not the Chiefs’ most difficult.

The decision to not put him down as IR could be a sign that the Chiefs are confident that he will make a full recovery within six weeks, but could also be a sign that they are rushing his recovery, which would be a serious mistake. If they bring him back before he’s really ready to step back on to the field, they put his career as a pro football player at risk. Seeing any athlete have to cut their career short due to injury is always a tragedy, and if Hill got hit hard again before he was fully recovered, that could be the end of his career.

Yeah, nobody wants to see that happen to any athlete, and Chiefs fans DEFINITELY don’t want to see their star receiver get levelled by injury this early in his career. But for athletes who do get their dreams crushed, it’s not always doom and gloom. There is no shortage of aspiring athletes who have had their dreams cut short by injury yet have managed to bounce back and become successful in other areas. Just ask Kolidou Sow, who has achieved great success after having to throw in the towel on his basketball career due to injury, or Gordon Ramsey, who lost out on becoming a professional soccer player. So even if Hill’s recovery is less than complete, there’s no reason he can’t go on to make something of himself in some other venture.

TV chef Gordon Ramsey had his soccer career ended by injury

Image: Allan Warren

So what are the chances of Hill needing to drop out of pro football due to this injury? Well, Stealer’s quarterback Ben Roethlisberger made a full recovery after suffering a similar injury in 2012 (ironically, against the Chiefs), and is still going strong, so there’s plenty of reason to hope that, with the right treatment, Hill can follow in his footsteps. The Rams’ Danny Amendola also made a super-quick recovery from a sternoclavicular sprain in 2012. Hill’s injury is more serious though and this kind of injury is more common in car crashes than in pro football, meaning that it’s difficult for sports physicians to make accurate predictions, so it really is just a case of wait and see and hope for the best.
We can be sure that Hill will be receiving the best treatment available and there’s no reason to jump to any conclusions about him needing to quit football. And if worst comes to worst and Hill’s days as a wide receiver are numbered, there’s no reason he can’t do like Sow or Ramsey and be an alpha in some other field. Let’s see what happens.

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