So, Kevin Hayes?

Intern Mitch

So Kevin Hayes, jury is still out on him. Sure I know, its only been one preseason game. He did put up a point on a line with JVR and Voracek, but if he didn’t with those to I would be really disappointed.

Kevin Hayes does bring one hell of a beard to the lineup, something that has been sadly missing since Hartnell was shipped out.

We have talked about Kevin before, but lets re-jog the memory. Drafted 24th, overall in 2010 by the Blackhawks. Yes, the year the Flyers got beat in the Cup by Blackhawks. He is the textbook definition why NCAA prospects scare NHL teams. After 4 years at Boston College Kevin Hayes elected not to sign with the Hawks and entered the market as a free agent.

He then signed a him to a Entry Level contract and he played there for 3 years, before signing a 2 year extension. In his 4 and a half seasons in NYC he put up 216 points in 361 games. Not bad. At the trade deadline last year he was shipped to Winnipeg (gross) for a first round pick and prospects. He was forgettable in Winnipeg and was then sent to the Flyers in the off-season for a 5th round pick. Woof, sorry Winnipeg.

The Flyers then signed him to a seven year $50 million dollar contract. Yup, that is a lot of money. If I was Nathan MacKinnon I would pissed waking up everyday knowing that happened.

Nathan MacKinnon, Dylan Larkin, Mark Scheifele, Chris Tanev, and Brock Nelson all make less then Kevin Hayes. Kevin Hayes also makes $1.2 million less then Claude Giroux. Sorry I just don’t see where the justification for all the money comes in. I think the Flyers are going to really regret this contract next June if Hayes doesn’t produce.

That being said, Hayes did look REALLY good during his first preseason game with the Flyers. I am hoping that I will see him again this Thursday when the Flyers play the Bruins and he proves me and everyone else wrong. I hope he makes it look like we underpaid him.

-Intern Mitch

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