Justin Trudeau in Blackface


This article was posted by TIME last night and it goes into detail of how and where they got the pictures etc. Some Canadien guy gave it to them, pretty simple. Things like this are always funny to me because it doesn’t make sense. Only in the last couple of years people have stopped making gay jokes, saying the F word and even the R word and those were for sure used to make people feel bad but they were also just slang and dumb things we said to our friends. Things like that I don’t like when the public gets mad or try and “cancel” people for saying stuff like that years ago when it wasn’t being used to bash a gay kid. I was a freshman in 2010 and I can guarantee you I would call my friends the F word, not even as an insult just saying hello. Obviously I wouldn’t do that now but my point is it was much more acceptable back in the day. I can’t remember blackface ever being okay.

This picture is apparently from an ‘Arabian nights’ party at Justin’s old school. This is from 2001 and he was 21. TIME referred to this as brown face, kinda the same thing.

This is another shot of Justin performing at a ‘Jamaican night’.

This is another one that came out an hour or so ago.

I don’t know much about Justin. I’m not going to call him racist I don’t do that and that’s not what we do here. We talk sports and make dick jokes for the most part and I love doing it. Three separate instances of you wearing some type of blackface isn’t a good look and that’s not new. Was never a good look.

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