The JP Poll. Top 10 College Football Rankings


The good old fashion AP college rankings are out but that’s old news. AP poll has been around for like 600 years. It’s time for a refresher and I’m just the man to do it. Please note, these standings are built based on MY reasoning. They might not reflect what the committee thinks but this is what I think is correct from what we’ve seen so far this season. So here is the JP Poll:

1. Alabama: Roll Tide. The greatest college football coach of all time continues he’s tour de force. Tua is going to be in a neck and neck race with Hurts all season for football’s highest individual honor. They are the gold standard for the college game.

2. Clemson: I was tempted to put them 3 only because Trevor Lawrence has yet to really show up this season. He’s been extremely inconsistent and when it comes playoff time, that will hurt this team if he doesn’t right the ship. Clemson has a boringly easy schedule this year so expect them to take a tumble on the JP Poll this year.

3. Georgia: They seem to continue to be an after thought. This team will challenge Bama for the SEC crown and I wouldn’t be shocked if they finish the regular season ranked #1 in every poll.

4. LSU: Coach O has done an amazing job with this team. LSU is always known for their defense but this year it’s all about Joe Burrow and this top 3 offense. Burrow is already over 1,100 yards passing and 12 total TDs. Another squad that has a real shot at finishing the regular season as the #1 school in the country.

5. Oklahoma: Jalen Hurts is a man on a mission. Oklahoma offenses scoring a billion points a game is old news though. Anyone that knows how to throw a football could score 30+ TDs in this system. October 12th vs Texas is going to be the game to watch. If they are going to trip up anywhere in the schedule, it’s most likely going to be that game.

6. Ohio State: Week 2 win over a Cincinnati team that everyone was drooling over was impressive. They have their last tune up game this week vs Miami (OH) and then it’s on to Big Ten play. Their schedule works out pretty favorably with Michigan State, Wisconsin and Penn State all having to come to Columbus this year. Their toughest test could be at the Big House last game of the regular season but if Fields keeps doing what he’s doing, they’ll roll Michigan.

7. Notre Dame: Undefeated last year until they got their dicks kicked in by Clemson (as I predicted, just sayin.) They will not go undefeated his year, starting this week. ND travels to Georgia for the top game of week 3. The line is currently Georgia -14. Although I do think Notre Dame can keep this game close, ultimately Georgia is just in another class. Can they cover? Maybe. Can they win? No shot.

8. Auburn: Lol. This fucking team. Started the year at 18 and now they look like a great team to have if you are competing for the #Battle4ThePeach. Would kick myself if I had a chance to have this team, complained about it, the team went to someone else and then they got in the playoffs. If there is a God out there, he will will Auburn to the Peach Bowl. Go War Eagle

9. Utah: Let’s be clear. This is Florida’s spot in the rankings but with the loss of Feleipe Franks for the season I’m just going to go ahead and drop them down now. Utah has been a somewhat surprise so far this year but just like Notre Dame, this too will be coming to an end soon. Four ranked opponents left on the schedule and that’s not even including USC on the road this week.

10. Florida: As I said, no QB means the season only has so long to live. They will still beat the brakes off of Tennessee and Towson but after that it gets ugly quick. Auburn, @LSU, @South Carolina and Georgia. That’s a 1-3 stretch for the Gators. RIP Gators’ chances of making the playoffs this year.

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