The NCAA Needs to Take Immediate Action For 2.89 Gate


It has come to the attention of the proud Texas Longhorns fan base that the Rice (yes, Rice is a school) marching band took an unnecessary shot at our amazing student athletes on Saturday.


I think I speak for the entirety of the Longhorns fan base when I say this behavior is disgusting. I am literally shaking right now. At first, this seemed to be a playful dig, hinting at the Rice Owls’ yards per carry in their matchup versus Texas. Shortly thereafter, we discovered that this formation was something much darker.



Back in my day at the campus of University of Texas Austin in NCAA 14, I remember there being such enriching academia. This proud tradition continues to live on and should not be a punchline for a group of nerds with trumpets. Our athletes bring their lunch pail and hard hat every day, they show up for tutoring every day, they have some 4.0 student write their papers every day, just like the rest of us. There was no need to criticize and make fun of their hard fought 2.89 GPA.



Austin, Texas was on the short list for Amazon’s new headquarters. Do you think Amazon would’ve built their new headquarters in a city full of dumb people? Probably not. 



Rice, which is actually a food, is a great quick fix just in case you drop your phone in water. Much like putting your phone in a bowl of rice, playing Rice is a great quick fix. Blowing the doors off of them quickly erases the pain of last week’s gut wrenching loss against LSU. 


Despite the blowout victory for Texas, this dark cloud hangs over our football players as they head back to class this week. I ask our players to hold their heads high and remain unbothered by the Rice Owls. They aren’t even the most relevant team with Owls as their mascot, behind Temple who can’t even fill the lower bowl of their whole stadium. 


We hold our heads high. We’re on to Oklahoma State.


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