Hockey Insider Says Provorov Deal To Be Done Today

With the Phillies blowing it, Philly fans are looking for some good news this morning. That good news came this morning when TSN Bob McKenzie tweeted that the Flyers are getting close to getting a deal done with coveted RFA Ivan Provorov.


Provorov was drafted 4 years ago by Hextall, and has been impressive on the ice, but not lights out. At only 22 years old Provy has no where to go but up baby. The only issue is the contract. He’s probably looking for a nice 7×7 contract, but the points don’t match the money.

Reports are out now that there are 2 offers on the table: One for a 3 year deal and one for a 6 year deal. This season needs Provy and TK to sign, today. Chuckie is confident to get it done. With CBJ’s Zack Werenski making his jump today, the odds look great for this signings to get done.

Stay tuned for more.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Image- Fansided Broad Street Buzz

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