Is This A Video Of Bronny Jr Smoking On Some Loud?

Somehow LeBron has lasted 34 years without a major personal scandal attached to his name. He’s been married to the same woman, never been accused of more than a flagrant 2. Meanwhile, Bronny Jr might not make it to 16.

Not a ton of investigative research is needed for me to declare that this is definitely Bronny Jr.

He’s smoking some vape pen so the easy excuse here is that it’s some sort of rich kid Juul. But LeBron is definitely going to be pissed about this. After Bronny Jr’s first viral video, he clearly didn’t learn his lesson. LeBron has trouble managing one social media presence, he does not have time to be monitoring his sons every move. Social media load management.

The absolute worst thing about this story is that it all happened on Taco Tuesday. Might be a total coincidence, or Bronny Jr. just might be the only one we have left to take down LeBron. Bronny Jr is probably so sick of being in his dads shadow being that his name is literally just his dads name. Then he ruins all his AAU games doing dunks in the layup line and throwin his shoes around. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.


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