Interesting Players at Flyers Training Camp

The Philadelphia Flyers released their 2019 Training Camp roster on Tuesday. It was filled with typical players you would expect, Giroux, Konecny, Provy, Ghost, and all the Flyers regulars. But, with every training camp comes invites, like Mika Cyr, that we all love.

Here are some of the Flyers more interesting camp invites and other “interesting” players.

Fitzgerald, Gerry- Forward 

Gerry played five seasons in the BCHL before making his way across the border and playing for Bemidji State University. He played the last two seasons for the Iowa Wild, the Minnesota Wilds AHL team. He only scored 27 points in 83 games in the AHL. If he does sign I would not expect to see him in the NHL but with the absolutely STACKED Phantoms team.

Maxim Golod- Forward 

Maxim is your typical Ontario born forward, plus a bad-ass last name. Hes played two seasons for Pennsylvania’s only OHL team, the Erie Otters. Yup, that’s their name. He hasn’t done two much in two seasons. Defiantly enough to get him a invite at Flyers Camp. I don’t expect him to get a contract, but we didn’t think Myers would get one either.

Chris Stewart- Forward

Be mad if this man makes the Flyers roster, and a player like Cyr does not. Chris Stewart is an NHL journeymen, playing for the Avalanche, WILD, Ducks, and Sabers. He was drafted in 2006 18th overall, and has not lived up to the mid first round pick. The man played in the EIHL last season. Where? Exactly. I think its cool to give him a shot at possibly getting an AHL contract. It looks like Chucky Boy is just taking care of his bros.

Josh Couturier- Defensemen

Nope, not related to Coots. So no nepotism there, hes basically a career ECHL/ AHL player. Would probably look great in Reading. I just had to add him cause he has the same last name as Coots. Moving on.

Free Agent signings, you probably didn’t know about.

Andy Andreoff- Forward

Andreoff was drafted in 2011 80th overall by the LA Kings. He had 5 impressive seasons in Oshawa before playing for the Kings AHL in Manchester for 3 seasons. He was a staple on the Kings before leaving them for the Syracuse Crunch and put up a monster 55 points. He will more then likely be on the Phantoms, but he wouldn’t be a terrible plug on the 4th line.

Who the fuck is Kurtis Gabriel? Suspended for 6 games in 2017 for off ice actions. Oh, word.

Chris Bigras- Defensemen 

I have some strong feelings about Bigras being an Avalanche fan. The Avalanche drafted 32nd overall in 2013, the dude was basically a late first round pick. What did he do for the Avalanche? Well more then Will Butcher did. This dude was damn near useless and the Avs traded him for Ryan Graves last year. Its like they gave the Rangers a $1 bill and the Avalanche got a $20 back. The Flyers signed him for two years, probably to keep the bench warm while Freidman takes care of business on the ice.

Flyers Camp starts Friday the 13th, there has to be a joke in there somewhere. Its going to be an interesting camp with all the FA and invites. We all know the real story is Mika Cyr breaking out of camp with an ELC.

-Intern Mitch

Featured Photo- Broad Street Hockey

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