Citizen’s Guide to the Supernormal Episode 19: Possession is the mother of invention, probably?

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Welcome back to the CGS blog, y’all. On this episode we cover possession. Specifically the possession of a young woman from 1675 in Colonial Massachusetts. Elizabeth was haunted by demons or more likely, not haunted by demons because demons aren’t real and neither is climate change. I’m kidding of course. Demons are very real. Just ask anyone who’s been to a methed out small town in Missouri… relax, I also believe that climate change is real and caused, in part, by cow farts in a hilariously sad turn of events.

Anyway, possession is terrifying. Imagine, your body is invaded by horrible entities hell-bent on destroying everything that’s good. This must be what it’s like to attend a gangbang at a Q Anon convention. But in all seriousness, demonic possession is a terrifying concept, also like a room full of people who think Q Anon is real. We did some digging and Jordan provided some great research with the help of his Cuban body double and my badass brother-in-law. We have some theories but you’ll have to listen for all the gory details.

What I wanted to talk about here is the idea of losing control. Some people wouldn’t necessarily be bothered by that but as a control freak, I can say unequivocally that a total loss of control is my number one fear, followed closely by spiders who can teleport. I know what your thinking but science is discovering new things all the time, you guys.

Imagine you’re just laying on a bed. You can’t move. You can’t speak for yourself. Some terrible evil force is speaking and acting on your behalf. Everyone around you looks upon you with derision, fear, or pity. As much as you want to break free and refute the horrible things you hear, all you can do is sit back and watch as much of what defines you is chipped away by sentient malignance. I feel like a lot of us probably know what that’s like, more so now than ever before. Anyway, it’s a scary concept. On that depressing note, hope you like the show!

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