NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

This is going to be Brandeds weekly power ranking and I want to be as clear as anyone can possibly be, I don’t care if you agree or don’t agree. I am going to be as unbiased as I can but please believe me when I say I don’t give a fuck what you think of this list. I’ll do a write up for a few teams and it’ll vary week to week. Also, as I’m writing this the Monday night games aren’t over and that won’t be the norm but for this week it just has to be this way (I’ll put a ** on the 4 teams who play Monday).

Side note before we get started, I saw the end of the Texans Saints game and have made my adjustments.

32. Miami Dolphins- This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, this team is bad. Like, really bad. If they get above rank 25 this year for me I’ll be shocked.

31. New York Giants- I like Barkley and that is it. Awful team.

30. Atlanta Falcons

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

28. Arizona Cardinals- I like Kyler but this team sucks

27. Detroit Lions

26. Carolina Panthers- I like Cam, I like McCaffrey but this team is just not good.

25. Cincinnati Bengals

24. New York Jets- I actually like the Jets this year and I expect them to get to the teens tis season but they just played embarrassing football.

23. Indianapolis Colts- Took the Chargers to OT but I don’t see it with this team.

22. Denver Broncos**

21. Cleveland Browns- I actually really like this team and still think they can win their division but they just got embarrassed by the Titans. Awful look.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars- I had the Jags winning their division and losing to the Chiefs is expected but they lost Foles too. Anytime without him is a negative, obviously.

19. San Francisco 49ers- Huge win even if it was against a trash Bucs team. I think this team is good but I think they are in a tough division. For sure keeping an eye on this team going forward.

18. Buffalo Bills- I think when it is all said and done this team will be in the 20s and honestly this might be too high for them. I don’t have a lot of hopes going forward for the Bills.

17. Washington Redskins- Should’ve put Philly away when you had the chance you idiots.

16. Oakland Raiders**- Dysfunction wherever you look. This team is just average and that is ignoring any lasting damage AB did when he left the town.

15. Minnesota Vikings

14. Seattle Seahawks- Can’t beat the Bengals by 1 and be top 10.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers- They just got absolutely embarrassed by the Patriots. This team looked awful BUT I don’t know if that is because the Pats are so good or if they are just dogshit. I think they’re bad but anything is possible.

12. Chicago Bears- Was really expecting a lot from the Bears. 3 points in the season opener is an absolute joke.

11. Green Bay Packers- I really think Rodgers is on the down slide but having semi competent team almost gets you in the top 10 nowadays *sigh*

10. LA Chargers

9. LA Rams

8. Baltimore Ravens- I don’t think the Ravens are this good but they just put up almost 60 points. It was against the worst team in the league but regardless that is impressive, I wasn’t expecting a ton from the Ravens this year maybe like 9-7 max but maybe I was wrong. (Dropped to 8 after the Saints game, sorry Baltimore).

7. Houston Texans**- I am very high on this team and it looks like they are about to beat the Saints, this is a fair spot. (They did not beat the Saints and dropped from 6).

6. New Orleans Saints**- As I am typing this they are down 20-10 vs the Texans and if I didn’t see the score they would be higher. Tough break but you losers made the NFL make challenging PI a thing so fuck off. I imagine they’ll sneak into the Top 5 eventually. (Originally had at 8, moved up after the win).

5. Tennessee Titans- This is probably the most shocking one for me and I am expecting to move them back after next week but they beat the shit out of a Browns team who I believe to be the favorites to win their division. Very strong showing but I would expect them to drop off next week.

4. Philadelphia Eagles- I thought long and hard about if the Eagles should get 4th or 3rd and ultimately decided to go here. I would say they deserve to be here based on the second half of the game Sunday but they can’t play the way the did in the 1st against a good team or they won’t be able to comeback. I think they are a really good team but they have things to work out.

3. Dallas Cowboys- This kind of sucks. Not because I am a Cowboy hater, to be honest I don’t think about them all that often. The fans are just some of the most annoying and dumbest people or all time, Yankee fans without the history or even the recent success. They did look much better than I thought they would, they only played the Giants but they still looked good. I don’t love the Zeke signing and giving Dak 40mil is a bad move but a strong team.

2. Kansas City Chiefs- They have the reigning MVP and are just very talented. They lost Hill for a few weeks and personal feelings about him aside he is very talented and they’re going to miss him. Unless something changes I expect them to be in the AFCCG again.

1. New England Patriots- Defending Champs. Best QB of all time. Best Coach of all time. One of the best defenses in the league and arguably Bradys best receiving core plus they put up 33 without AB who, regardless of how you feel about him, is a top 3 receiver. People are going to disagree but those people are morons.

AKA Jason Whitlock.

Clown behavior to take the Steelers over the Patriots especially at Gillette but to then delete your twitter should be a fireable offense. Like usually, clown of the day goes to Whitlock and his toupee.

Thats the list, if you agree or disagree let me know but no matter what you say it won’t change the results. See you next week.


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