Mike Missanelli Talked To The Megaphone Guy From The Eagles Tailgate Fight


Earlier today allegedly “Joe in Broomall” (not me by the way) called into Mike’s show to tell his side of the story from the Mike Scott incident. It seemed pretty clear that this was some type of loser troll.

But about an hour and half after that one of the real F Lot Crew guys called into Missanelli’s show to offer an apology and clear up some details.

It’s laugh out loud funny. The guy seems like he is actually sorry but it’s mainly because he got caught. You don’t get on a megaphone as a 50+ year old man, yelling for people to “suck my dick” unless you’re a trash human. Now he wants to get on sports radio and cry like a bitch because people are annoyed with you. Boo-fucking-hoo. He goes on to say that his wife might divorce him and everyone is mad at him. Good.

Some of my favorite highlights of the interview:

  • Completely admits they tossed racial slurs at Mike Scott. Doesn’t even try to deny it.
  • He says he didn’t know it was Mike Scott. Lol. K. First off how do you not know it’s him? Second off, let’s say it wasn’t Mike Scott. How about we don’t attack people that root for other teams no matter who they are?
  • Tries to defend his son. You know the fat ugly piece of shit that tried to jump someone after calling him the N-word, a pussy and other four letter words.
  • But the best part of the interview by a mile was when he said he broke up the group and gave up his season tickets this year. I think I almost pissed myself laughing when this dweeb said I broke up the crew. Oh no, if the F Lot Crew can’t get through this, how will any of us ever make it?

In conclusion, don’t be these guys please. Don’t fight people because they were born somewhere else and root for other sports teams. If you disagree with that think of it this way. If you moved to another city for work, would you just give up on your fandom and root for that city’s team? And lastly, stop being an ugly piece of shit dirtbag human. It’s 2019, racism isn’t cool, so cut the shit.

As you were.


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