Think We Found The Burner Account Of The Eagle Fan That Attacked Mike Scott


As you may have saw earlier we blogged about the Sean Taylor jersey on a coffin at the Eagles game yesterday. Turned out it wasn’t a Sean Taylor jersey at all. It was the same group of idiot assholes that tried to fight Mike Scott because he was wearing Redskins gear. You know those type of low life losers that think fans of other teams should be beaten up because they were raised to be fans of their teams. Ya know, like morons.

Anyway, this twitter account @ElonDusk12, which most likely will block us soon and/or go completely dark popped up out of no where. Looks like it was started this month and the only thing they are tweeting about is defending the guys at the tailgate.



It goes on and on but you get the picture. Hmmmmmmm weird. Who would defend these big time losers? Oh, most likely the big time losers themselves. So if this is you guys just know all of Philadelphia hates you. You’re a black eye on the fan base, the team and the city as a whole. If you are just another fan defending these guys, you might be even a bigger loser than those guys. 

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