2019 NFL MVP.. (After Week One) is…

Football is BACK baby! We are all systems go and I couldn’t be happier. We saw some blowouts, we saw some good wins and even a tie…

And, we still have two Monday night games!

Lamar Jackson looked incredible against a middle school team. Carson Wentz and Desean got it cooking in the second half. 1st overall pick Kyler Murray showed some big balls

And the Browns… Well… Browned.

But after week 1 there is only ONE man that stands alone atop the mountain top. Only ONE man who is head and shoulders above the rest. Only ONE man who is going to run away with the MVP…

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YUP. Oh Dakota.

Dak did his best Mahomes impression and it was pretty damn good. Yeah the Giants suck but they did claim…

I mean look at the stat line:


He looked like a 4th year QB who is seeing the field. Playing with confidence and trusts his weapons.

And in a game where Zeke only had 13 carries and the Dak still used play action on 47% of his 32 pass attempts.

I have never been all in on Dak. And I want him to prove me wrong SO bad. I think this is the year he puts all the jokes to sleep and brings Dallas back to the promise land.

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