Antonio Brown Has Now Demanded That the Raiders RELEASE HIM


Ah, shit here we go again:

The best part about Antonio Brown constantly being an egomaniacal distraction for the Raiders is that there is always a scene from The Office that fits what he’s doing.

This time, all I can think of is that scene where Jim is playing along with Dwight as Regional Manager. Jim is holding the sign behind Dwight that says: 0 days since last nonsense.

We were SO close to Antonio Brown actually getting to play a football game! So close! Now, two days away from the Raiders opener (on National TV, can’t see anything going wrong there) he is demanding his own team to fire him. Does he understand how the guaranteed money thing works?

In high school, as a senior prank, we Saran wrapped all the underclassmen’s cars. We would go car by car and wrap it up til the doors were unusable. We thought about stopping, but we pushed for just one more car each time, tempting the fate of an administrator coming outside and catching us. We basically wanted to get caught for the thrill of it. That’s what Antonio Brown is doing. He is going car by car, seeing how many he can wrap before he’s in too deep.

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