The Antonio Brown Saga Continues

Everyone saw that AB and the Raiders GM got into some type of altercation which ended in rumors of AB being suspended and him trying to get traded or released from the team. Today it comes out that during that altercation Brown called Maycock a “cracker” and honestly I find it so funny. Whenever something like this happens you get to find out how people actually feel.

“Imagine if the roles were reversed and the GM called him the N word”. It is no secret, a white guy calling a black guy the N word is bad. Anybody calling a white guy cracker is fine, I would say it’s encouraged. I think cracker is hilarious and would like to be exclusively called one from now on.

Reports are out saying AB has apologized to the team and it looks like not only will Brown not get suspended but he’s starting Monday night. Honestly after that trash Bears game last night I need all the good football players ready to go.

Update: This feels like a lie. AB I need you calling people cracker not making shit up to reporters.


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