Cracker-Gate Is Not Over: Antonio Brown And The Raiders Are At It Again.

Someone gave Ed Werder a layup on this one and just when we thought we might be on the downside of the latest Antonio Brown drama, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

First of all what a move by the Raiders. Spending an entire day on a PR tour trying to get the hopes and dreams of their season back to mental stability after destroying it by issuing a petty fine. They all agree to move past cracker-gate and then they come right back with another fine. Just pure hearted Raiders.

Not to be outdone in dysfunction, Antonio Brown took to YouTube 40 mins later.

There are truly no words left to be said about what’s going on right now. What does this shit mean? People on twitter are saying in California you legally have to have 2 way consent to post these conversations publicly so if AB doesn’t have Gruden’s permission, this is really going to have a storybook ending.

People are also saying this is a excellently produced video and I agree. If Antonio Brown really only started working on this in the past few days someone needs to hire his video people. Great promotion of their product.

Will AB ever play a game for the Raiders? At this point I’m torn but definitely whatever is what’s more dramatic.



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