College Gameday’s Most Memorable Celebrity Guest Pickers



This week, ESPN’s College Gameday will be LIVE from Austin, Texas featuring the game of the week between the (very much back) Texas Longhorns and LSU. For the Celebrity Guest Picker, it was an absolute lock who it was going to be: Matthew McConaughey. Since Dazed and Confused, McConaughey has been the Goat. For a legitimate Peach Bowl contender like Texas, you had to bring in star power like this.

Even though this is bound to be the most classic Gameday set ever featuring “Finn” from Fool’s Gold, it’s time to take a look back at the runner ups to Connor Mead from Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past.



Katy Perry

Most people don’t remember who Katy Perry actually predicted to win when she was the Guest Picker; nobody even remembers what campus the game was at. But, it was one of the most iconic “shoot your shot” moments in modern history.  Katy picked the Oklahoma vs TCU game off of “looks”, capping her prediction with “Trevor Knight, do you hear me? We don’t mind him”.


Phillie Phanatic

Back when Temple hosted a Halloween affair with Notre Dame, that Phanatic pulled up to Independence Mall and put on a show. It was pretty awesome because the Phanatic is the most iconic mascot there is. It was also a pretty special show because it’s giant green furball picking college football games without being able to fucking talk.


Bill Murray

All that needs to be said is that Bill Murray and Lee Corso had a wrestling match in the middle of Florida State’s campus. It was probably more entertaining than the actual football game. Additionally, Groundhog Day is such a fantastic movie.


Lil Wayne

Weezy was the Guest Picker at one of the several million LSU vs Alabama games the program has done over the years. The game didn’t really stand out, neither did the picks. But, if a TV show co-hosted by Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart can exist, so can a TV show co-hosted by Lil Wayne and Lee Corso. At one point during the segment, Corso takes Wayne’s diamond ring off his finger and wears it the rest of the time. All diamonds, pure gold.



Matthew McConaughey will obviously blow all these pickers out of the water because everything is bigger in Texas. But, ah the memories.

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