Antonio Brown Now Requesting A Trade Or Release

Joe 48

The Antonio Brown saga has taken another weird turn. It was announced today that Antonio Brown was suspended by the Raiders.

Now there are rumblings that he will request a trade or a release as early as today.

I know what you’re thinking this is a dog on Twitter. That’s true, but this dog on Twitter has never been wrong yet. He’s out Scheftered Schefter and I would never bet against Leroy.

Video of AB and Raiders GM fighting


48 thoughts on “Antonio Brown Now Requesting A Trade Or Release

  1. Hold him to his contract.. either you get with the program… or you suffer the consequences – Just Win Baby. Al would have never put up with his antics! Disappointed that he can’t get with program.

      1. The Fines Alone will Deney him any Garanteed money. An 8 game suspension would suite him well. Then play him P/T for the last 8 games. Then in Feb. Burn his Contract.

    1. He is a star player but he is acting like a damn jerk, if he keeps up this prima donna act he will be sitting at home by a phone that will not ring, grow up man your kids and others are watching, players better than you have lost a career due to their childish behavior

    2. the managenent ultimately is responsible for the players they choose!First Mack,Amari,now this?Fire fukin Gruden,not to mention,his first round pick from last year,yes Kolton Miller,the jury is stilk in debate mode,Chukdafuk suckz.

    3. I think the dude is suffering from EARLY ONSET CTE ☹️ he never acted like this in his early years. So glad the Steelers got rid of this cancer

  2. Bitch needs to lose $30m to wake his ass up. We dont need you and we dont want you anymore. f-ck off b-tch a$$ diva $shithead.

  3. It’s got to be all the enhancement pills he is taking that is shifting his mood at the worst time. Like when you are talking to your boss. How do you get kicked off of two teams this fast? The last stop for this guy will be New England then out of the league. Terrell Owens did the same diva madness and never won the big game with no one to blame but the man in the mirror. Peace out…..#84

  4. What t f is this dude on? He’s acting like a middle school female stuck on the bitxh train. Thank God it’s not the Browns! And they say that we got the drama queen. AB has got to be the biggest little bixch to ever put on a pro football uniform.

  5. Belichick will straighten he tail right up. Patriot Way or Get Bounced! On second thought, we dont need the distraction he’d bring. He’d bee a good target to replace Gronk but Nah, we’re good!

  6. Let the little bitch go. Fucking drama queen . He hasn’t played a down. He thinks he’s all that . He’s a piece of shit. He stated he didn’t need football. Let him prove

  7. Just let him go, so tired of his s h i t already. Not worth the trouble he brings. Maybe his agent should get him checked out instead of backing him. #HELP-AB

    1. Agent says he’s ok mentally, damage control. Why is an agent allowed on a football field? Even the Steelers won’t allow agents on field. Does agent have a CTE MRI machine?

  8. It’s sad that a man who is talented as he is just can’t help himself and refuses to think of others it’s all about him. In the end he will get what he been wanting and it’s to be by himself. He should be ashamed of himself I’m so disappointed because I think he is an amazing player but he can’t get out of his own way its going come back and bit him anyone who never became who he could have.

    1. What’s really sad is that for the same money they could have kept Amari Cooper and avoided all this drama. Trade Brown to Cincinnati

  9. and here everyone thought it was the Steelers were the problem…..all I can say is”careful what you wish for,cuz you just might get it”…….citizen of the Steeler Nation

  10. I think that the Raiders should get rid of him….He is a distraction to the players and the team….the Raiders don’t need that while they are trying to get there back into the winning form….👍

  11. As a Pittsburgher and a life-long Steelers fan, all I can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So much for Mayock fleecing the Steelers on that trade.

  12. He WAS a star player because he had a STAR QUARTERBACK in BIG BEN….now all he needs are season tickets in the end zone if he wants to see a game!!!!!

  13. Sad when you think you’re bigger than the game. Mayock would’ve kicked his clown ass! Me Davis is turning in his grave!

  14. It is time for The Raiders to get a return on their Investment or move on from him, but do it quickly, because they are in rebuilding mode, so don’t let that one wide receiver interrupt that..

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