Breaking Down the Melvin Gordon-Eagles Trade Offer: Why I’m Concerned


Howie Roseman is back up to his usual tricks ladies and gentlemen.


According to a tweet this morning from Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, there has just been one singular trade offer for disgruntled Chargers RB Melvin Gordon. If you’ve been following Eagles football or even just the NFL for the last few years, it should come of little surprise to you to learn it was from Howie and the birds. 



On face value, this isn’t a huge surprise to me. Just a few days ago Howie was quoted saying, “Anyone who is available at any level, whether they’re on the waiver wire or whether they’re available via trade, I promise we look into”. The Eagles front office tends to be involved in any and all potential moves, throwing a pretty below average offer at LA is just Howie doing his due diligence as a GM trying to win a Super Bowl.


Where this offer shocks me is the fact that Jordan Howard (who was acquired this summer and hasn’t played a snap yet) is already being thrown into trade deals. Melvin Gordon is definitely a better back than Howard don’t get me wrong, specifically when comparing their numbers last season. Gordon averaged 5.1 yards per carry in 2018 and Howard averaged a career low 3.7, throw in the fact that Gordon had 350+ more receiving yards than Howard last year, and it makes complete sense why Howie would be interested in that swap.


This trade offer could be as simple as Howie just trying to take advantage of the Chargers’ situation, and making the obvious “win-now” upgrade. Or, this could be an early signal that the Eagles front office aren’t as sold on Jordan Howard as they were a few months ago. Miles Sanders has caught a ton of eyes this training camp, and a lot of fans/analysts are calling for him to be the feature back. This could all scream that Howard’s time in Philly could be short lived…


While the idea of Melvin Gordon lining up in the midnight green sounds awesome to me, the apparent dislike of Howard does concern me. I’m a big fan of J. Howard, I think he was criminally underused in Chicago and really fits the Philly system. A terrible situation would be if Howard gets pissed off hearing his name in trade rumors this early on, and could potentially not *try* as hard. At the very least I think Howard needs to at least be given a real chance to prove himself before we start moving pieces for yet another new RB.


Melvin also keeps following Eagles on Twitter, for whatever the hell thats worth.




Twitter: @phillyinsider99

-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider


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Chaunice (@Neetrab)
September 5, 2019 3:25 am

I don’t even believe this story because not only does it NOT make sense, there’s no way real trade rumors would be leaked like this from Howie. He knows that this wouldn’t be a good thing if it came out like this. Sounds to me like a desperate “reporter” looking for clicks. Hopefully, Howie comes out and tells the media that it was a lie. But unfortunately people won’t believe him and they will just believe the dumb rumor. Smh.. Haven’t seen anyone else confirm this except this Albert guy and of course nothing came of it. And oh yeah,… Read more »