Antonio Brown Caps His Egomaniacal Preseason With a Bang

Antonio Brown Weekly Drama Alert!

Wild concept that there are consequences for just refusing to show up to work
Woman love consistency in a man. Bosses love consistency in their employees. Teachers love consistency in their students. Being consistent is a trait that few have mastered, but most covet. Say what you want about Antonio Brown, but the man is consistent. Consistently the biggest possible asshole that anyone can be.
We haven’t even reached the point where he actually has to catch passes from Derek Carr and the Raiders actually have to WIN games. What is this guy going to do when he realizes the team he plays for actually stinks? If he meanders off from practice because a helmet is too snug on his blonde mustache, will he be anywhere but Miami Beach heading into Week 10 when the Raiders are 3-6 (they have a Bye week, don’t make fun of me, I checked)?
One last thing about Antonio Brown, what the hell do any of his sentence structures mean? This might be the first time in history where the legal mumbo jumbo is easier to understand.
What a (consistent) guy, that AB.
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