I’m Canceling Team USA

First things first this team is sad to watch. I’ve never been so down on USA basketball in my life, this shit is unwatchable. Such a mediocre team with 4 Celtics on it and the slander is getting to me. I think it’s because I’m not expecting much from the Celtics this season but when you have fake fans like Bill Simmons, who still has me blocked on Twitter because he is a bitch, talking shit about other NBA players for not wanting to play on this team things like this are destined to happen.

I am genuinely blaming Tatums injury on Simmons, even if it doesn’t look to be serious. I’m upset. I’m mad. I really need the NBA season to start already, man.


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[…] Now that we agree no one gives a fuck about this tournament and got our Celtics jokes off, seriously how do we lose to France? Didn’t we lose to Australia like two weeks ago too? This is what happens when you don’t bring let Melo on the team. Also I’ve already cancelled Team USA so I don’t want to hear it (Click here). […]