Pole Dancing Robots To Premiere In France



This is it, this is when the weirdo’s finally get a win. Those same guys who spend thousands of dollars on “life-like” sex dolls can now visit a robot strip club.

I can’t comprehend the amount of loneliness it takes to spend a down payment for a car on a Sex Robot. A Flesh Light? Fine. A blow up doll similar to a pool raft? Go nuts, who cares. The line I draw is when you end up starring on My Strange Addiction because you’re 100k in debt after “making it rain” in a strip club where you’re the only one with a heart beat.

There’s a zero tolerance policy for kink-shaming on my watch, let two consenting adults (humans!) Do whatever the hell they want. Black, White, Brown, Gay, Straight, or whatever oher pronoun you identify with, I wish everyone the best in their sexual voyages. HOWEVER! When your banging something I can recycle into a Schwinn Bicycle? Absolutely not.


Now I don’t blame this French Artist that created these, he made them as a gimmick for publicity to celebrate the 5th annivetasty of the SC-Club in Nantes, France. The problem I’ll have is with the complete psycho’s that will inevitably see these robots, equipped with a CCTV camera for a head, and high heels attatched to their metal appendages and try to replicate this across America.

Going to a strip club when you turn 18 is like a right of passage, it’s as American as Apple Pie. Are we going to stop this tradition from happening? Are we going to put these college students and single moms out of a job? Not on my watch. Robots are already killing jobs on the assembly line. are we going to let them take over Americas favorite drunken past time? I think not.

As a society, this is a scary day, I for one am terrified of having a son in this world that won’t be allowed to experience what I did when I was younger. So let’s all band together, put our collective foot down and keep these Robotic Pole Dancers across “The Pond”.


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