Michael Rappaport Was Emasculated On Live TV By Cuttino Mobley


LOLOLOLOLOL what a loser. Wasn’t sure if Barstool is even legally allowed to blog this so we’ll throw it out there just to be sure you see it. Michael Rappaport interviewing Cuttino Mobley and it’s clear from the jump that Mobley hates this clown. Also side note about Cuttino, he was one of those guys that every now and then his name would come up and you’d forget he’s still in the league. He only played 10 years in the NBA but it felt like 30.

Back to the video though, LOLOLOLOL again. I can’t stop watching it. The look of disgust on Mobley’s face just brings me so much joy. Rappaport tried to play it off like it’s funny, nah my man. You just looked death in the eyes and you can bet your sweet STD ass (allegedly) that if those cameras weren’t there you were getting dropped. Ice Cube needs to do the right thing and hand Rap his walking papers. That or wait until Cuttino Mobley murders him and buries him under the bleachers. Whatever comes first.

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